You should trade minimum for 6 month with us, It may happen that at the starting of the month there is no profit. Please do not complain for this.Market is very dynamic so, every month will not be same if you trade for 2 quarter then surely you get profit.

Do not afraid of daily ups and down of the market.keep habit not to watch intraday movements of your trades because this give you emotions and leads to wrong decisions. As we are handling trades through algo trading, you do not need to track.

Risk is the part of the game, if you do not take risk you will never earn money.Its an advise not to invest money by borrowing.We are taking care of money management in trading so we are taking calculative risk.

We are not hiding anything from our clients, Join our telegram channel for the live trades and report. Boost your confidence and understand how we are doing trades and our trading style.